Forex & Investing

Insured Profits

Our first Clicksure product, Binary Matrix Pro, paid affiliates around $2.4 MILLION in CPA commissions within 4 months. Insured Profits will DOUBLE that! Two versions of the sales letter (IM/BizzOpp + Binary/FX) , each VERY DIFFERENT…VERY TARGETED.

Cheat The Odds 4.0

Cheat The Odds Launch, be part of The Action and cash in Big Time! Highest converting New Offer on Clicksure. Don’t miss out on the “IT” launch of the year.

The Millionaire Conspiracy

Currently the *Best Converting Binary Offer* On The NETWORK. PERIOD. On top of the $1.50+ EPC, there is a whopping $50,000 in prizes, check out the full details here:

Guaranteed Wealth

High converting binary options offer earning $3.66 EPC across ALL traffic. Guaranteed Wealth converts like crazy to IM, Biz Opps and Binary traffic. Promote NOW to make early big commissions!


Tired of mere 200-250 CPA launches? Get UP to 600 USD IN Multi-CPA! First Highest paying binary launch on the planet! Your Best EPCs you ever had on ANY Launch.. This will Double if not Triple them 🙂 Top seller for IM/BizzOpp + Binary/FX lists!

Your First Million

Your First Million is now LIVE with CRAZY EPCs, converting like candy. You need to join in right NOW! Over $10,000 in prizes!

Ataraxia 7

Testing EPCs $8.52 on the high end / $1.36 on the low end. Optimized to death to show you the MONEY! JV CONTEST/ Weekly NET 25 Payments/ NO RESERVES

Fast Profits

High Converting Binary Offer will convert all traffic. Average EPC $2.67. Jump on this Red Hot Offer Today…. Paying out $250 CPA NO REFUNDS, NO RESERVES…

Insider John

From the Binary Matrix Pro & Insured Profits team comes the new blockbuster launch! THIS marketing approach has never been done before. Amazing EPC’s unheard of on Clicksure.

My Binary Revenge

Hottest Binary Offer On The Internet

Millionaire Money Machine Launch

Millionaire Money Machine is the first and ONLY binary offer that converts to any type of traffic (Forex, Binary, IM, Bizopp, General Investing, etc.).. and that too like candy. Converting like fire, AVG EPC $2.19.

My Cash Bot

We’ve Done EVERYTHING to give you at least $2.7 EPC with the HOTTEST Offer. MCB works great with Binary, Forex, BizOpp traffic coming from Email Lists, Facebook Ads, etc. PLUS Ongoing Contests, Awesome Prizes, etc! VIP Partners: Contact Us Directly!

Interstellar Profits

Get Paid $270 CPA with this UNIQUE Binary Offer which is fully tested to CONVERT TO ALL KINDS OF MAKE MONEY/INVESTMENT TRAFFIC.

Cash Software

New Binary Options launch from

Pro Binary Robot

Pro Binary Robot

Easy Cash Trick

EASY CASH TRICK… HOT new CPA IM offer paying $200 CPA…This offer is absolutly KILLING it! Literally seeing $1.96 EPC on the low end till $4.46 EPC on the high end…Start hitting it NOW!

Trading Everest

Trading Everest | Revolutionary *NEW* Binary Options Software. Evergreen. HIGH Conversions. HUGE Commissions. Promote today and see MASSIVE EPCs. Any questions? email

Daily Results

Daily Results is a hot new binary offer. We’ve paid out $1 million in affiliate commissions this year alone. Get on it RIGHT NOW!

2014 Millionaire Launch

2014 Millionaire is the first and ONLY binary offer that converts to any type of traffic (Forex, Binary, IM, Bizopp, General Investing, etc.).. and that too like candy. Converting like fire, AVG EPC $2.34.

The Binary Redemption

Killer Binary Options Launch. Jump onboard now.

Fast Money Method

Huge EPC’s. New Marketing angle. Great conversions.

Daily Binary Profits | DBP v7 signal software plus DBP Robot trial included. Daily Proof, Evergreen, Increased $285 CPA payouts. Updated HIGH EPC funnel for October 2014. Setup your campaigns today!

Binary Matrix Pro

Does $9 EPC sound crazy? Well, how about $13, $17? Visit our JV page, if for ANY reason you don’t think that BinaryMatrixPro is the highest converting offer on ClickSure, we will give you $50 just as a thank you note for visiting our JV page!

Free Profits

Hot CPA offer currently bringing in an average of $2.84 EPC. Earn a CPA of up to $250 per conversion. Copy is by one of the best in the industry and is converting like hot cakes. Check out the JV page:

Online Wealth Plan

Hottest and best converting CPA offer on Clicksure… Paying out an amazing $225 CPA with average EPCs of at least $2.19.

Insider Income Club

Promote this high converting CPA offer paying out $250-$280 now. Affiliates are seeing up to $2.93 EPC after 10,000 clicks! You’re GUARANTEED to bank big with this offer.

OZ Robot

OZ Robot | Australia’s Finest Automated Binary Trading Software. Insane $1.35 – $7.35 EPC on over 66k clicks in $250 cpa testing! Setup your campaigns today and BANK $285 CPA! (One affiliate banked over $75k already. Check out the JV page.)

Tokyo Bot

The #1 Binary Options ‘Japanese’ Trading Robot. Exclusive *HOT* Clicksure Offer. $250 CPA. INSANE EPC’s!

Fast Income App

Brand NEW $250 CPA Offer just launched on Clicksure. HUGE $250 CPA PAYOUT, $3+ EPCs, 60%+ Conversions! Fast Income App is ON FIRE!! Promote now!

Make Money Tonight

SICK payouts with this next level launch! Converts GREAT for IM/Bizopp/Forex/Binary Options! HUGE ASS $250 CPA, No REFUNDS, NO RESERVES: Get everything you need here:

Crisis Killer

Crisis Killer – Is it IMMORAL to make CPA commissions so easily?? You Get $250 CPA! No Refunds! From creators of best selling binary offers! Top selling angle: PROOF of money (100,000 CASH with msg WE WILL DOUBLE IT ) Converts like crazy!

Swiss Binary Robot | Automated Binary Trading Robot.

Secret Millionaire Society

New #1 Binary Offer!

Binary Pro App

The Binary Pro App has been tested and tweaked for over 3 months resulting in kick ass epc’s! But don’t take my word for it, promote and see for yourself! $300 CPA HIGH EPC’s NO REFUNDS

Interstellar Profits – International

Get Paid $250 CPA with this UNIQUE Binary Offer which is fully tested to CONVERT TO ALL KINDS OF MAKE MONEY/INVESTMENT TRAFFIC.


Probably the best BinaryOption converting of 2014. $220 CPA and a $10k CASH COMPETITION. After weeks of optimizing we have reached sky rocket EPCs $1.3 Low to $7.2 High.

Winning Binary Signals AutoTrader Pro

Winning Binary Signals AutoTrader Pro allows users to automatically trade our Winning Binary Signals. Completely Hands-Free! Trader has a choice of various brokers set up in the AutoTrader. High converting trader for affiliates with great CPA.

Magnetic Profits by Jeremy

Are you sick of the weak EPC trend? We are changing that, RIGHT NOW! A fully tested and optimized funnel will blow you away. More than 10 FTDs? Send us an email and we’ll send you a bottle of Dom P. Sign up to earn CPA bumps and other prizes

Desert Millionaire

Desert Millionaire Is ON FIRE!! $250 CPA on all traffic and our affiliates are seeing a real EPC of $1.20-$4.62++

Secret Wealth App

Secret Wealth App

EZ Profits

EZ Profits – Another winner from the masterminds behind Fast Income App, Instant Profits & Auto Cash App. EPC’s $4+

Auto Binary Profiits

AutoBinaryProfits is the first Binary offer built specifically for media! Profit from a full integrated checkout process and the highest CPA for a $10 deposit – the lowest deposit in the binary niche!

The Wealthy Trader

Hot CPA offer paying out an incredible $200 on every conversion. Copy was wrote by one of the best copywriters in the business and the offer was created by some of the top guys in the industry. Average EPC’s of $1.85 or even more.

Norbert`s German Binary Robot

Norb is back! We have real life footage of norbert teaching binary options! Filmed with students and him talking about his seminars = Pure gold! 250 cpa per signup, zero refunds!

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