Water & Air Equipment

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Dear Friend,

Hey I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine Jason at Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment. He has been saving homeowners and businesses lots of money on central heating/air conditioning, home water purification, and air purifiers. Chances are you would look in your local yellow pages ads for a contractor that provides theses product and services. The yellow pages where my first move but I quickly found out the contractors where too expensive, so I went to the web for answer’s hoping to find a cheaper way. I came across several sites but found Ingram’s Water & Air provided the best service and price.

The representaitve Jason at Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment was very knowledgeable and recommended a central heating and air system
for my home. Jason showed me exactly what I needed for my home and even helped me find a local contractor to install the equipment. I purchased  the recommended unit for my climate region which was a 4 ton split system heat pump, the package was priced very cheap and included everything  needed for installation. The equipment arrived packaged and shrink-wrapped nicely by the Overnite Transportation Company. I scheduled the certified  installer to come out and put the equipment in. After everything was completed my savings was over $3,000.00.

I recommend you take a look at this link.

All the best,

P.S. Follow the following link that is full of new tips every
month to help you save thousands on your home every year!

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